Thursday, 22 September 2011


Well, we made it safe and sound back to Illinois. There were a few people that wanted our fall schedule.  We will be at the Big E, Keystone, MGLI and Royal. So there are four shows left, lots of time to come out and see us still!

Big E Draft Show: Springfeild, Mass.- Sept. 29- Oct. 2
Keystone Livestock Expo: Harrisburg, Pa- Oct. 6-8
Mi. Great Lakes International: East Lansing, Mi- Oct. 13-16
Royal Ag. Fair: Toronto, On Canada- Nov. 4-13

If you are coming to visit us at a show and you want to make sure you see a certain class, please let me know and I can send you a copy of the schedule or if you look these shows up online most of them have the show schedule posted as well. Look forwad to seeing you there!

Saturday, 10 September 2011


The girls are breaking in Mr. R's new drive way.

Ribbon cutting ceremony on the new JFR bridge.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Visiting Home

Well, the JFR girls and crew will be at home in Bondurant, Wy. starting after the Nebraska State Fair through September 18th. If you are in the area feel free to stop by and see us we are glad for the visitors.

Upon arriving at the JFR, we hooked the girls in their show harness and to the show wagon in a 6 to do the ribbon cutting on Mr. R's new bridge.

Kate and Surprise gave some of the visiting guests a ride down to Antonio's to  see the bison, and boy did they remember about high elevation air levels in a hurry! But regardless they went down the road like champs waiting patiently until the bison tour was over to take the guests back to the barn.

The JFR crew had been busy, getting things repaired and cleaned up for the last 4 shows of the season. But everyone agrees it's nice to be home for a while. And on a personal note Taylor Coleman (Brian and Colleen's oldest) went to school this week for her first time at school. So we are all wishing her "Good Luck!".

Nebraska State Fair

Let me say that as our first time to this show and show facility that we were all very impressed with how nice and big the place was. The staff was all top notch and very friendly and willing to work with the exhibitors. We hope that other hitches find out what a cool place this will be to show at and we can get more hitches out there. Because the numbers for geldings was so low they offered to let everyone drive all three nights to provide more competition, which we all loved. So if you see mares in a gelding class OR vice versus it's because that's how the program listed it but really they were open classes.

Mare 6: JFR, Paradise, H Factor, Robey, Mt. View, Solomon
Mare 4: JFR, Solomons, Mohney, H Factor, Mt. View
Gelding 6: Paradise, JFR, Robeys, Solomons, Kehl, Mohney, H Factor
Husker Classic 6: JFR, Paradise, Robeys etc.

We did scratch the cart classes since we hooked the six every night, and we were so busy I didn't get the team and unicorn placings, but we won both of those classes as well.

Iowa State Fair

Here are the results from the Iowa State Fair:

Mare Team: Trippcrest, JFR (w/ Misty & Abby), Zubrods, Diamond Lane, YaYa
Mare 4: Trippcrest, JFR, Zubrods, Freeman
Ladies Cart: Zubrods, JFR, Trippcrest,Longhaul,Double S, YaYa, Heir
Unicorn: Trippcrest,Zubrods, Freeman, Fedore
Gelding 6: Cape Cod, Flat Rock, Shining Stars, Paradise, Schumachers, Titan, Hammersbach, Angle Acres
Mare 6: Trippcrest, JFR, Zubrods, Freeman

Placings for National Percheron Show

Sorry, about all the late placing updates, guys. Been so busy with the girls I haven't had a chance to catch up. We recently took a little trip back home to Wyoming, so I've got a few free hours at night to get some new info to you all. Thanks for your patience.

Results from Indiana: National Percheron Show

Mare 4:Blue Ribbon, Trippcrest, JFR, All-Star, Eagle Creek, Zubrods, Sky View, MM Farms, Windy View
Gelding 6: Ames,Cape Cod,Windermere, Flat Rock, Schumachers
Mens Mare Cart: Blue Ribbon, All-Star, Windermere, JFR (w/ Princess!), Trippcrest, Eagle Creek, someone, Diamond Style, Hardys, Zubrods
Ladies Mare Cart: Blue Ribbon, Zubrods,JFR, Windermere, Trippcrest, All-Star, Davis, Eagle Creek
Mare 6: All-Star, Eagle Creek, JFR,Trippcrest, Blue Ribbon, Zubrods, Windy View
Unicorn: All-Star, Windermere, Trippcrest, Blue Ribbon, Eagle Creek, JFR, Zubrods, Sky View II, Windy View
* We won the stall decorating award, Way to go Bruce!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Scott Co. Fair

Here are the placings from Scott Co. Fair:

Mare 6: JFR, Rock Creek, Freeman, Zubrod, with 9 in the class
Mare Cart: JFR, Zubrod, Rock Creek with 13 in the class
Mare Team: JFR, Rock Creek, with 12 in the class
Mare Unicorn: Rock Creek, JFR,Freeman with 11 in the class
Mare Four:JFR, Rock Creek, Freeman, Zubrod with 10 in the class.
8: Ames, Paradise, Schriber, JFR,Wilderness, Rock Creek, Hammersbach, Zubrod with 14 in the class.

Sorry, the placings were so shoddy, it was a hot hot hot show and we were so busy that writing the placings down didn't happen all the time. Go visit: for pictures. I was very happy with how nice alot of the pictures turned out and how well our friends did. On to Arthur, Il for our new home sweet home. Come visit if you are in the area!